We find meaning, purpose, and joy in our life together.  All we do is anchored by our worship of God who is revealed through Christ. The scriptures shape us for life. We receive love and grace through Christ, and in turn share that love and grace.  

We are also:

* Servants:  We put our hands to work in the community - meeting need and building relationship. 

* Participatory:  We value active participation and leadership of lay and clergy together. Sermons often include time for response from the congregation.

*Alway learning: We study and grow by listening to the Word of God and each other. If you like to explore what it means to live with meaning, purpose and kindness in the world, this might be a home for you.

* Hopeful: Life can be challenging, but we believe that God is always doing something new.  So we support and encourage people in transforming lives - their own and those near and far.



We welcome all who seek connection to God, to the people God has created and who want to grow in faith.  Our journey engages minds, enlivens faith, offers hope and transforms lives. 


All of us need purpose and meaning in our lives. We need the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those around us. We need a way to interpret and understand the joys and challenges of life.  Here our faith comes alive as we support and encourage each other on the journey of faith.


Your presence alone adds energy to our life together; but it will quickly become obvious your participation is welcome. Here you are encouraged to explore building a life with meaning, purpose and kindness. Open conversation and lively groups  are based on a respectful exchange of ideas. Here we value the way our differences help us grow. 


Hope and Heart

We are more than 180 years old. This church has roots in the early history of Ohio and the spread of Christianity in the U.S.  Our members have tried to serve God in every age - visiting the sick, singing in choirs, burying the dead and teaching children. They shared the hope of Christ that each of us might through the grace of God overcome personal trial and make a difference in the world.

The encouragement and love provided by so many of the pastors and members of this church have given hope and heart to many.


Sandy Martin

Music Director

Sandy Martin leads the choir and infuses her passion for quality sound into a group of volunteers who love nothing more than to make music together under her high-hoping leadership.

Pam Martin


Pam Martin is able to play anything and keep the music moving. She helps people sing well and has a broad knowedge of church music that makes every service better.

Shanna Biller


Shanna is our office person and is responsible for the administrative tasks in our church.  She's very much a people person and has a good eye for detail.