Numbers 27: 1-11

Third in our series "Faces of Our Faith".  Pastor Karen discusses the story of The Daughters of  Zelophehad and the changing of God's rules.

Exodus 1: 8-22

Our second in our series "Faces of Our Faith".  Pastor Karen looks at the lesser-known story of Shiphrah and Puah and the importance of doing the right thing. 

Genesis 2: 4b-9, 15-23

This is the first sermon in our "Faces of our Faith" series.  It is the story of Adam and Eve.  God knows that humans need one another.  How can we avoid becoming isolated?  Pastor Karen explains to us what we need to do in her most recent message.

Acts 2: 1-21

What does it take for you to speak in ways that other people can understand you? Does it require an extra something?  Does it come more easily when you can understand their position?  What is the Holy Spirit doing with us?  Pastor Karen looks to explore these questions in her Pentecost Sunday message.


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