Each week we are hearing from different church members as they talk about how they live differently because of their faith.

Susan talks about learning to trust that God cares for her.


Ron talks about grace finally making sense.



Julie talks about feeling the hurt of suffering people and being less afraid to enter places of hurt.


Dave wonders what we put our trust in...


Pam doesn't blame God for the bad things that happen...


Dave embraces  wondering  about and raising questions about scripture.


Sandy talks about how God won't let her stay at rock bottom, so she is alive and grateful.


Lynne talks about choosing a life of service, choosing kindness and forgiveness and being a work in progress.


Lou Ann talks about swimming iguanas and appreciating every thing and every person God has created.


Melissa  talks about keeping her focus on what God wants and it making life easier....


Brian talks about looking for God in others, and seeing God in interaction.


Jean talks about losing a child, and the connections that continue to matter...


Randy talks about giving with no strings attached, and making friends.


Ann prayed that God would feed her, and learned that even in times of trial, God would be at her side.


Jo lives in awe of the miracle and complexity of life, and in gratitude for beauty.